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The GATE Parents Group now sponsors ACT Preparation Classes twice per year, in winter and spring. This class is designed for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who are preparing for the ACT exam. This class focuses on test-taking strategies and the inner working of this particular test. While the class will feature a review of key content skills, this class does NOT emphasize academic content; there are no massive vocabulary lists, and we will not try to learn all of mathematics in two days. The focus is familiarizing students with the structure and specific challenges of the exam so they can leverage their content knowledge and maximize their exam scores.

Students need to independently register to take the actual test. Test registration is NOT part of this class. Visit the ACT Website-> to register to take the ACT test. It is recommended that students register for the sitting of the exam that immediately follows the last session of the course.

This class focuses on the full ACT test, including the (optional) essay. While the test taking strategies learned are applicable to all standardized testing situations, much of the content is directed specifically toward the ACT, so students should consider carefully whether this is the right course for them. Students should expect to have some homework each week, either completing problem sets or taking a full-length practice test.

At the first class session, students are provided with the same practice books used in commercial preparation courses.

"The Official ACT Prep Guide" from Wiley
"ACT Prep Black Book" by Mike Barrett

This workshop is typically taught by teachers in the SMUHSD. The class is targeted at motivated SMUHSD students. The class is open to GATE and non-GATE students alike.

Students recognized as GATE by the SMUHSD are offered a preferential enrollment period and early registration priority. Students claiming GATE status will be compared to the official SMUHSD list of GATE students. The comparison is conducted via Student ID number. Sorry, students from outside SMUHSD do not qualify for the preferential enrollment period. Sorry, students not on the list of GATE Students supplied to us by the SMUHSD will not be allowed to enroll during the preferential enrollment period.

Class size is limited to around 25 students. We offer two sections, one in the morning and one in the afternoon

Each class has a minimum number of attendees to make offering the class economically viable. If the minimum class size is not reached, we reserve the right to combine classes or cancel the class. You will be notified of any change and have the option to receive a full refund.

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