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serving the families of the San Mateo Union High School District

GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group
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We sponsor SAT Preparation classes, enrichment classes and college essay workshops. These classes are typically taught by SMUHSD teachers. Past and upcoming classes can be seen in the table below. Enter search criteria in the criteria box and click "Show". The Date criteria requires a comparator (>,< or =). Click on the hyperlinked class number in the first column to go to the class detail.

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Classes Criteria
Location TitleInstructor
StudentsSessionsAction reset Printable
189Summer Enrichment6/3/2019-6/7/2019Introduction to Forensic Science$460.00250
194Summer Enrichment6/3/2019-6/14/2019Economics and Stock Market Investing - A $410.00300
192Summer Enrichment6/3/2019-6/3/2019$405.00350
193Summer Enrichment6/4/2019-6/7/2019SF Digital Photo Safari$460.00150
195Summer Enrichment6/10/2019-6/14/2019Chemistry Camp$360.00240
196Summer Enrichment6/17/2019-6/21/2019Mock Trial Workshop$300.00250
197Summer Enrichment6/17/2019-6/21/2019Biotechnology Boot Camp$435.00300
198Summer Enrichment6/17/2019-6/21/2019Adventures in Food Trends$385.00160
199Summer Enrichment6/17/2019-7/19/2019Essentials of 3D Modeling and Video Game Design$310.00250
201Summer Enrichment7/15/2019-7/19/2019Introduction to Java Programming$315.00300
202Summer Enrichment7/15/2019-7/26/2019Game Development in UNITY$310.00250
200Summer Enrichment7/15/2019-7/19/2019Culinary Tastemakers$385.00250
203Summer Enrichment7/22/2019-7/26/2019Creative Writing$385.00250
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