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GATE Parents Group

serving the families of the San Mateo Union High School District

GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group GATE Parents Group
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We provide Principal's Fund grants. Principals Grant details We provide Club grants. Club Grant Details

Past Grants and Activity Funding

Past grants, activities, events and programs can be seen in the table below. Enter search criteria in the box at the top of the column and click "Show". For detail on a specific grant or activity, click the hyperlinked number in the first column adjacent to the grant/activity of interest.

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173GrantBurlingameEntrepreneurshipChef Guest Speaker2016 Spring$0.00
176GrantAragonArtDe Young Field Trip2016 Spring$800.00
177GrantCapuchinoArtEpiphany Dance Lecture, Demo and Workshop2016 Spring$1,500.00
178GrantSan MateoDramaSound Gear2016 Spring$1,500.00
179GrantHillsdaleInstrumental MusicMusic Clinicians2016 Spring$1,500.00
180GrantSan MateoMathematicsPreCalculus Exploratorium Trip2016 Spring$1,500.00
182GrantHillsdaleOtherArt Professionals2016 Spring$1,350.00
183GrantSan MateoForeign LanguageFrench Speaker2016 Spring$350.00
30GrantCapuchinoBiological ScienceTrip to San Francisco Zoo2015 Spring$1,200.00
38GrantBurlingameArt of Chinese Foods2015 Spring$600.00
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